Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Have Pie

While we're mourning the demise of Domesticity - and, um, investigating questionable sightings of Meimei enjoying cocktails in Puerto Galera with a certain Hollywood actor scheduled to shoot a movie in Manila this month - we bring you this long-unpublished entry from the Domestic Travel archives. 

Special thanks to Picasa Web Albums for helping to bring this blog back to life. 

My favorite Australian fast-food chain is Pie Face.

They have meat pies on the menu (steak, mince, and chicken, in various forms) with appropriate sides (gravy and mash) and fruit pies for dessert (cherry and apple), but on this day - at the Kings Cross branch - I decided to go with their Tandoori Vegetable pie.

This is exactly what you need on a nippy autumn day: a crisp crust, warm filling, and a little Indian bite that practically doesn't need any ketchup. Never mind that the filling is practically made of lentils and other beans, because that stuff is awesome.

I did consider checking out Harry's Cafe de Wheels, too, but Pie Face had already taken care of my savory pastry fix by the time I found the Harry's location in Wooloomooloo. And a real pity, too.

The only other pie-related bummer here: not getting any of the sweet fruit pies, if only for all the pastry-related jokes I could get out of them. ("Yeah, I went out to Kings Cross for tarts. What about?")

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