Monday, April 25, 2011

So, A Grown-Up Blogger Walks Into a Zoo...

True story.
Me: "Look, Scribey! What a strange-looking deer!" 
"And it's just crouching down on the grass, munching and munching on - hey, wait, what's with the tail?
Scribey: "Um, those aren't deer, Mei." 
Bird: "Odd human. Wouldn't know a kanga if it didn't look at her straight in the eye."
Me: "Oh, dear." 
And this, my friends, sums up my first experience with a fine mob of Australian marsupials.

Pictured: Bennett's Wallaby (first two pictures) and the Red Kangaroo (last three), taken at The Wallaby Walkabout in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

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